What is a Wedding Planner & Why Would I Need One?

This is a question I think many bride-to-be’s would ask if presented with the option to have a wedding planner on board to help them plan their big day. When you’re happily in love and you are suddenly surprised with those timeless words….’will you marry me’ …..everything becomes a blur. You are filled with excitement, euphoria & such emotion that you literally don’t give the actual wedding itself a second thought! Why would you, there’s plenty of time for all of that! You’re right there is, as long as you are organised, plan it all in advance & are aware of how long the lead in process actually is for a wedding. There can be so many people involved, so many facts to consider, so many details that need your attention that you really will need to find many more hours in your already busy day in order to make your dream wedding become a reality. The average wedding can use up 250 hours of your precious time…..that is ALOT of extra time to find.

Think of a wedding planner as your new BFF! They have no other job other than to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to planning your wedding & making sure that everything is exactly as you wanted it to be. Sounds pretty amazing right? What a wedding planner won’t do, or at least I won’t, is take over the entire wedding planning journey and run away with it, leaving you with no sense of control or input. What you will actually get from hiring a wedding planner, at whatever stage you are at with the wedding planning process (we will talk about that in a minute) is a PA, your own personal assistant, who works for you and has only you two, as a couple, in mind.

A wedding planner can be brought into the wedding planning process at various points, not just as the beginning. If you do hire one at the very beginning of your planning journey, they will guide you through every step of the way. From setting the date, making sure you have followed all the legal requirements, setting the budget & ensuring you stick to it (I’m not sure another lama is necessary….), helping you find your perfect venue, recommending the florist that best suits you & your vision (some of these florists are very clever you know!) , deciding whether to have bespoke stationery or high street, arranging cake tasting sessions with the best selection of wedding cake suppliers & recommending the photographer that will make you feel the least nervous if you’re not a natural supermodel who’s used to posing & smiling for most of the day!

If you know exactly what you want for your big day, where you want it to be, when & with whom, then you are full steam ahead in your planning journey and probably wouldn’t want or need a planner on board from the start. You may however, once things are pretty much sorted, think ‘I’ve had enough now, I want someone else to finish this off for me so I can start to enjoy the build up to our big day’ . This would be classed as ‘partial planning’ and is something we offer here at belles&beaus. You may have done everything (amazing, you go girl!) but now feel that you need or want someone there on the day to oversee everything as it happens so you don’t have to worry, particularly if you are hosting a wedding at a venue that doesn’t have an in-house co-ordinator present on the day. Things like greeting suppliers, overseeing room set ups, lighting the candles, making sure everything runs to time & dealing with any hiccups that may occur are all in a days work for a wedding planner.

Talking of wedding co-ordinators, let’s not confuse the two as this often happens. In-house wedding co-ordinators do an AMAZING job and are a godsend for you on your big day. The chances are you will probably have been shown around your venue by them on your first visit and you will have had contact with them at various points before the day itself. They will talk you through everything you need to know, from when they need to receive final guest count numbers by, to producing table plans, sorting menus, going over the time line, advising on room set ups & choosing which in-house recommend suppliers to use. They will ensure you have nothing to worry about on your wedding day (my wedding co-ordinator wasn’t actually present on the day as she wasn’t working…..would have been handy to know that at the time!) Venues can have varying levels of wedding co-ordination included so it would be a good idea to check what your chosen venue offers. HOWEVER, a wedding co-ordinator does work for the wedding venue and not for you & as they come with the venue rather than you choosing them to work with, you’re not necessarily going to see eye-to-eye on all matters! Co-ordinators are not available 24/7 to answer any queries you may have, however silly you think they may be, such as ….’do you think it’s too late to add some purple flower detailing to the invitations, could you ask the stationer’? They will not attend appointments with you, help you choose independent suppliers or give you advice on which flavour/style cake best suits the theme.

A wedding planner is someone you might want to consider if you feel you need help and support at either the beginning or in the middle of your wedding planning journey or on the day of your wedding. A wedding planner is someone you could use if your venue doesn’t have an in-house co-ordinator (even if they do planners & co-ordinators can actually work together on the day and can compliment each other quite nicely) or if you are considering a blank canvass wedding such as a marquee or tipi.

Other Reasons Hiring a Wedding Planner Could Be A Great Idea!

Living away from the area in which you wish to marry

Being short of time

Family considerations, as lovely as they are, you may not want your family all over your wedding (sorry Auntie June!)

Getting the best value for money, yes we may also be able to save you some money!

Supplier knowledge, it’s fabulous that there are so many wedding magazines out there offering advice and advertising suppliers but how do you know which ones are actually reliable & will deliver what you need?

Unique ideas, giving you options you hadn’t even considered

Less stress, enough said!

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